Religious Bodies is an international research network that brings together research projects on the histories of bodies in religion. So far, we have focussed on Christianities in Western Europe, primarily in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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‘Breathing life into a body’ – Kristof Smeyers (31.12.2021)

Here is a story.

One evening a nun sneaks down into the vault under a chapel. She has been contemplating this all day. She shivers: she is a little cold and more than a little nervous. It’s around nine o’clock and she is alone, but she doesn’t feel alone…


2 November 2021

Cancelled — We’re back once more with ‘Race to the Vatican’! Come play our board game on Sunday 28 November as part of the Science Day in Antwerp. All practical info, including the complete Science Day programme, here!

16 August 2021

Our exhibition ‘Passion: histories of the heart’ in St Paul’s Church in Antwerp packed up a few weeks ago. But that is not the end. For those who want to revisit or who couldn’t visit, a virtual tour is now available. Do drop by!