Religious Bodies is an international research network that brings together research projects on the histories of bodies in religion. So far, we have focussed on Christianities in Western Europe, primarily in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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An eternal heart. The cardiac phenomena of St Teresa of Ávila

For the Carmelite Order, 2022 is a year of important commemorations, being the anniversary of the death of Saint Teresa of Ávila (1515-1582) and the fourth centenary of her canonisation (1622).  Read more


2 November 2022

We have been busy lately. On Sunday 27 November you are all welcome to play the Race to the Vatican board game with/against us at the Science Day, in Antwerp. All practical info about Science Day: here.

Last week Tine and Linde took an excitable group of scholars from the Young Academy around town for a passionate city walk. You can still walk our route, leading past key histories of the heart in Antwerp.

Finally, last month Kristof gave a historical introduction to Robert Eggers’ The VVitch, screened by the feminist student club Lilith Collective.